Are you having a baby? You need to know all about Kids R Us Photography bump portrait shoots.

Blooming bumps soon turn into babies. During a Worsley bump photography shoot I can create stunning images of that gorgeous bump so that you never forget that magical time creating new life.

Whether you are a first time parent or a parental expert, I can help you record that special time with beautiful images of your blooming bump.

worsley bump photography man kissing bump

Choose from a Worsley studio based shoot or a Worsley location shoot. This could be Parr Fold Park, Blackleach Country parkWorsley woods, the canals of Worsley village. You can even have a mixture of the studio and location shoot.

You can choose bare bump images, or wear a flowing maxi dress or clinging vest and leggings. During a studio shoot you can choose to have a change of clothes, so that you can have a casual look and maybe something a bit dressier.

You could even choose to wear one of my pretty bespoke bump shoot gowns. to show off that bump in style.

Share this special time with your partner or other children. I actively encourage your family to get involved. I want them to be as much a part of your bump shoot, as they will be part of your baby’s life.

If you want to keep your bump to yourself for a little while longer, you can of course go it alone. I will record that special bond to share with your baby in years to come.

A Kids R Us Photography bump shoot is relaxed and informal, no awkward posing. Just fun, fabulous photos of a special milestone in your life.

To book your bump shoot, please book via our appointments section, or to find out a little bit more, please get in touch today, or why not buy a gift voucher or gift certificate for that expectant couple?